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Open House and Chocolate Tasting! 8/17/18 5-7pm
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La Belle Chocolat is a Chocolate Museum and Chocolate Tasting room recently opened in historic Portsmouth, NH. This small and unique museum features artifacts, historic prints, a Chocolate Art gallery and more. Start off your evening in Portsmouth and visit our Open House on Friday Aug 17th from 5:00 pm … Read More

Peter’s Broc Milk Chocolate 10 lb block
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In 1875, after eight years of experimentation and refinement, Daniel Peter of Vevey, Switzerland gave the world its first taste of milk chocolate. The challenge – to create a chocolate of fine velvety smoothness that wouldn’t spoil – was overcome when Peter perfected the method for dehydrating milk and combining … Read More

People Who Eat More Chocolate Are Less Stressed, According to Science
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The first human trials favor dark chocolate consumption for more than just stress. This isn’t the first time we’re hearing that eating dark chocolate has some healthy perks, but this is the first time the effects of dark chocolate have been tested on people—and we like what researchers discovered. Recent … Read More

The Best Way to Melt Chocolate
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Until recently,  melting chocolate was done in a “bain-marie” – a French term for a double boiler…where you use a bowl or smaller pan which is placed inside a larger pan which has a couple inches of water in it. You  bring the water to a simmer and let the … Read More

Meso Cacao
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Lake Yojoa is a beautiful place in Honduras where some great coffee is grown also. Tasting notes:   the taste develops slowly–bright fruitiness with a hint of acidity on the tongue. Then the fruitiness becomes quite intense and stays right in the middle of your mouth, a little forward on the … Read More

NEW! Callebaut Mini-Mix Crisp Pearls
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Sprinkle some chocolate love on top of your desserts & drinks! This new garnish is another item in the growing family of the Callebaut Crisp pearls…rice crunch covered in chocolate! These are a mini version of the pearls and are a mix of milk, white & dark mini pearls. These … Read More

Chocolate Tasting Program – December 3, 2107 at 4:00pm
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Enjoy our next Chocolate Tasting Seminar! This informative, fun and delicious event will be held at 591 Middle St. Portsmouth, NH. on Sunday, DECEMBER 3 at 4 pm. Discover the cocoa bean and how it has developed into the most popular indulgence. Taste chocolates from around the world, including some … Read More

Don’t Call It Pink Chocolate
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By Isis Almeida and Corinne Gretler September 5, 2017, 7:07 AM EDT, 11:55 AM EDT A breakthrough by a Swiss chocolate maker expands the industry’s hues beyond just dark, milk and white. Barry Callebaut AG, the world’s largest cocoa processor, has come up with the first new natural color for chocolate since … Read More

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