Black Cocoa Powder 5 lbs

This dutch-processed Black cocoa powder is used to create a very dark and chocolately looking baked item – mostly used in cakes, cupcakes and whoopie pies.

Sometimes bakers will blend black cocoa with regular cocoa powder to darken the color and increase the flavor!


5 lbs (repack bag in a box)   $25.00

ingredients: 100% Cocoa powder (no sugar)… Read More

Cocoa Powder – Sparrow 25 lbs

Sparrow Enterprises in Boston, MA has been importing and supplying quality cocoa powders to bakeries all over the US for over 90 years. This powder is imported from Holland and has a beautiful red brown color as well as a superb chocolaty flavor.

25 lbs (repacked from the 50 lb bag )… Read More

Gerkens Premuim Red/Brown 22/24% Cocoa Powder 11 lbs

Gerkens Cocoa is renown for its premium beautifully-colored hi-fat cocoa powders. This cocoa is imported from Holland where many of the best cocoa powders are made. and this particular variety has a dark re/brown hue and an exceptional flavor. It is an appropriate choice for all baking, dairy and hot … Read More

Cocoa Powder – Natural 5 lbs

This NATURAL cocoa powder is imported from Holland. It is considered a low-fat powder – with 10 – 12% fat but has a strong cocoa flavor.  Natural cocoa powder has NOT been alkalized so it retains the natural acidity from the cocoa beans.

5 lbs – Bag in a box

Whether you use dutch-processed cocoa or natural cocoa powder is a personal preference. With the additional acid in the natural powder (which comes from the cocoa bean)  your recipe will call for baking SODA which will react with the acid in the cocoa powder properly and create the desired leavening (rising) of your baked good.… Read More

Callebaut Cocoa Powder 1 kg

This  cocoa powder from Callebaut is preferred by many chefs through-out the world. The beautiful red/mahogany color makes a dark chocolately-colored brownie or cake and it is also good for truffles and hot chocolate.  This pack size is smaller so will work for the small user.

one kilo (2.2 lbs) bag… Read More

Bensdorp Cocoa Powder 22/24% Dutch-Processed 11 lbs

The Bensdorp dutch-processed 22/24% cocoa powder is one of the most popular and most well-known by chefs and bakers all over the world! It has a beautiful red-brown color and is good for all applications calling for cocoa powder –  ice cream, baking and hot chocolate etc.

11 lbs



 … Read More

My Cyro Cocoa Butter Powder 550 grams

Powdered cocoa butter is used by many chocolatiers to assist in tempering chocolates. You can add 1% volume to melted chocolate and it will help perfect the tempering. The powder contains the good crystals to create perfect tempering every time!

550 gram jar… Read More

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