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A confectionery coating is a product made to simulate chocolate in look and taste but is not a true chocolate as it contains no cocoa butter. (the natural fat in the cocoa bean).  Chocolates with cocoa butter require special handling so some chefs may choose to use a confectionery coating and avoid the extra steps. However, cocoa butter is typically replaced with hydrogenated fats, so this may discourage some users.

Coatings do not require tempering ( a process of heating and cooling chocolate in order to allow the cocoa butter to stabilize) and can be easily melted and remelted in a microwave oven. Many coatings can have good chocolate flavor and are very easy to use. Dipping strawberries, cookies, ice cream cones and oreos! is easily done with a coating. Coatings will  also “set” quickly and shine when dry just as a fine couverture will.

Coatings come in  both  wafers and block formats. Try our “pennies” which come in dark and white (and can be mixed together to make milk!)


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