Callebaut L6040 60% Ganache Chocolate Callets 5.5lbs


This is one of the “go-to” dark chocolates or pastry chefs around the world. Callebaut has created a special formula with 60% cocoa content and low fat content to make a great ganache and a creamy and chocolaty mousse. It’s also great in  chocolate chip cookies!

2.5 kg (5.5lbs) callets.    This is a repacked item

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The all-round dark chocolate for mousse and ganaches.
The recipe for L60-40 offers the same taste as Callebaut’s recipe for 60-40-30, yet contains about 12% less cocoa butter and is less fluid. It has an intense chocolate taste, with dominant roasted cocoa notes.
Its low fluidity makes it the dream chocolate for moulding bigger hollow figures in one go. It also has the perfect texture to create ganaches, providing them with a semi-soft/semi-solid bite that immediately melts in the mouth. The L60-40 also makes for a perfect base to make your homemade chocolate spreads, fudges and caramels, combining intense taste with a smooth texture.
What’s more, the L60-40 can be paired with many fruity and spicy ingredients or even coffees and teas to create exciting taste combinations.

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