Callebaut Mini-Mix Crisp Pearls 425 grams –


A new version of the growing family of Crispearls from Callebaut!
These are a mix of mini crispearls in milk, white & dark chocolates.

425 grams per jar (with a shaker top)




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Sprinkle some chocolate love on top of your desserts & drinks!

This new garnish is another item in the growing family of the Callebaut Crisp pearls…rice crunch covered in chocolate!
These are a mini version of the pearls and are a mix of milk, white & dark mini pearls.

These are great for a garnish for coffee and hot chocolate drinks or for pastry toppings.

Mini Chocolate Crispearls™ come in a handy sprinkler for you to top off your glazed cakes, pastries, cream-topped drinks or desserts with one twist. Mixed into chocolate mousse, ice cream or bavarois, they add a crispy chocolate texture to your desserts and remain deliciously crunchy.

Contains: soy, wheat, dairy

425 grams per jar. (15 oz)



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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 4 in


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