Conexion Chocolates 81% Calceta Dark 12 kg


This chocolate offers a bright and nutty flavor profile. A bouquet of red fruits and cacao is followed by a long lasting finish on the palate with hints of toasted almond.

This chocolate is made with fine-flavor Arriba Nacional cacao from the Fortaleza del Valle co-op in Manabí, Ecuador.

This chocolate works well in applications where you want a strong chocolate flavor. Conexión couvertures are the ideal chocolate discs for use in confectionery, baking, and ice cream making.


12 kg bulk cases (disc form)

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This chocolate line has it all! It is organic, direct trade, single origin (Ecuador) and delicious!
Conexion Chocolate produces raw and roasted sustainable chocolate at origin in Ecuador. They use the Organic Arriba Nacional heirloom cacao to make bars and couverture. This chocolate is Direct Trade, which means the manufacturers work directly with farmers in Ecuador to improve on Fair Trade ideals.
Their chocolates are named after the provinces where the arriba nacional beans grow – MANABÍ, LOS RÍOS, ESMERLADAS, AND PICHINCHA.

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Weight 422 oz
Dimensions 718 × 12 × 7 in
Cocoa %

Ingredients: Sugar (%)


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