Guittard Columbian 65% Dark Chocolate


This 65% dark chocolate couverture is made from the trinitario cocoa bean from Columbia. It has a dark brown color, and the flavor is accented with floral notes and is mildly acidic. This is another superior single-origin dark chocolate couverture from Guittard.  5kg/11lbs  (10 X 500 gram bars per box )

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Long, deep, slow chocolate flavors are accented by pleasant hints of spice. The Trinitario cacao beans used to make this chocolate were grown in the San Vicente de Chucuri Valley of the Santander in Columbia.

Uses: This special chocolate can be used in all applications which call for dark chocolate. It is especially good in fine chocolate making (bon bons and bars).

5 kg/11 lbs ( 10 x 500 gram bars) /case.

Ingredients: cocoa beans, sugar, soy lecithin, natural vanilla

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