Republica del Cacao Amazonia 75% Dark Chocolate 5.5 lbs

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This 75% dark chocolate couverture is one of the most popular items in the RDC line. It is a single origin chocolate from Ecuador. Although a high cacao content, the flavor profile is less bitter with notes of toasted nuts and the woods.


5.5 lbs (wafers)


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A subtle, unique and surprising chocolate with almond notes. Made with the Ecuadorian fine cacao variety “Sacha”, from the Ecuadorian Amazon region, near “La Joya de los Sachas”, Orellana province. Even though this chocolate has a high cacao content, it shows a well-rounded profile with notes of sweet dried nuts like almonds and hazelnuts. It also presents delicate coconut notes with an intense roasted cacao taste and a long aftertaste. Its earthy and woody flavors are reminiscing of a forest.

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Weight 96 oz
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