Conexion Chocolates 81% Calceta Dark

A new chocolate line from Ecuador – this 81% dark has a bouquet of red fruits and cacao, long lasting finish on the palate with hints of toasted almond.

This chocolate works well in applications where you want a strong chocolate flavor.

3kg bag in a box (discs) 6.6 lbs

also available in 12 kg bulk cases… Read More

Conexion Pichincha 43% Milk 3 kg

A (dark) milk  – from Conexion Chocolates. These chocolates are direct trade and are made from the famous Arriba Nacional cocoa bean.

Great for all applications calling for milk chocolate.

Tasting notes: an Indulgent cocoa and butterscotch flavor, with a balanced acidity softened by exquisite caramel notes.

3 kg bag in a box ( 6.6 lbs discs)

Also available in 12 kg bulk cases.… Read More

Conexion Esmeralda 70% Organic Dark Couverture

This new chocolate is made in Ecuador where the Ariiba Nacional beans have grown for hundreds of years.

This 70% Chocolate, named after one of the provinces where the beans grow –  is organic and vegan as well as direct trade.

Flavor is well-balanced –  Fervent cacao notes with hints of dry tropical fruit, nuts, and a caramel finish.

3 kg bag in a box (6.6 lbs) – Repacked in alternate packaging.

(Also available in 12 kg bulk cases)… Read More

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