ChocolatebySparrow.com was originally started in 1998, when two employees at Sparrow Enterprises (a large chocolate importer in the Boston area) decided to join in the eCommerce age with a web site.  In those days, people in the United States weren’t using websites OR eating DARK Chocolate!

Now, 25 years later, the chocolate category has exploded and as is typical in the US, there is almost too much to choose from!! (Can that even be true with CHOCOLATE?)

There are single origin chocolates, artisan chocolate makers, chocolate with bacon, chocolate with lavender, chocolate dinners and chocolate tastings all over the country. There is now an organization dedicated to FINE Chocolate – not just chocolate! (FCIA –  the Fine Chocolate Industry Association)

During these 25 years of exponential growth in the chocolate world, ChocolatebySparrow.com has become an established supplier of premium chocolates to chefs, small confectioners and bakers.

Sometimes choosing the right chocolate can be confusing so we welcome your questions and hope to satisfy your chocolate needs!

it’s not just for breakfast anymore !