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Chocolate Tasting Seminar – “Chocolate 101”

This fun and informative chocolate tasting program is an hour long.  You will discover how chocolate is made and where it comes from! We will also taste up to 8 different chocolates including some made from rare and flavorful cocoa beans! THIS EVENT IS LIMITED TO 12 PARTICIPANTS. Regular fee … Read More

Chocolate is good for our teeth!?!

Theobromine, a naturally occurring chemical in chocolate can help keep the enamel on our teeth healthy!… Read More

Welcome to our new Website!

If you are experiencing any frustration with the new website, PLEASE email us and we will compensate for your patience!!… Read More

Confectionery Coating

A confectionery coating is a product made to simulate chocolate in look and taste but is not a true chocolate as it contains no cocoa butter. (the natural fat in the cocoa bean).  Chocolates with cocoa butter require special handling so some chefs may choose to use a confectionery coating … Read More

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is the natural fat in the cocoa bean.  In fact just over 50% of a cocoa bean is cocoa butter. (It’s a “good” fat – made of the “good” cholesterol which helps rid our bodies of the “bad” cholesterol). Depending on the application, most chefs need a certain … Read More

Recipe for Chocolate Truffles

This simple recipe makes great truffles in very little time! You can use your favorite chocolate!… Read More


“Feves’ are the wafer form of chocolate from Valrhona… Read More

Choosing Your Chocolate!

Deciding which chocolate to use for your recipe can be a daunting task as there are so many variations of chocolates available. Our in-house chocolate consultant, La Belle Chocolat,  offers  some tips on making this easier! (For the simple explantion, please jump ahead to the last full paragraph! ) “Some … Read More

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