Black Cocoa Powder 5 lbs

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This dutch-processed Black cocoa powder is used to create a very dark and chocolately looking baked item – mostly used in cakes, cupcakes and whoopie pies.

Sometimes bakers will blend black cocoa with regular cocoa powder to darken the color and increase the flavor!


5 lbs (repack bag in a box)   $25.00

ingredients: 100% Cocoa powder (no sugar)

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What is Black cocoa powder?? Think Oreo cookies! The cookies are made with Black cocoa powder – and although they look very dark – there isn’t a strong chocolate flavor. Black cocoa is not known for the strong flavor but it does look very dark.

This is accomplished by using extra alkaline in the Dutch processing. Much of the cocoa powder we use in the US is alkalized – also known as Dutch-processed, but black powder is almost over-processed so that the powder continues to darken beyond a dark brown.

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