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This half sphere is used to make the crazy popular cocoa bombs (or hot chocolate bombs)
These domes are made with 64% dark Belgian chocolate so they make a premium product!

28 domes per box (makes 14 cocoa bombs)




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Fill one half sphere with one serving of hot chocolate mix and add some mini-marshmallows.

Melt the edge/circumference of the second dome by lightly placing it on a warm pan – let the edge melt slightly and then attach it to the first sphere. Use a paint brush to spread the melted chocolate over the to edges to seal. Let set.

(Alternately you can melt some other chocolate and use the paint brush to coat the two edges together)

To make your cocoa bomb drink – place the “Bomb” in a large mug – (large enough to fit your bomb with a little room on the sides) and pour 8 – 12 oz of hot milk (of your choice) over the bomb and watch it melt!
Mix thoroughly and enjoy!

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