Republica del Cacao White Couverture #13-VC18843 5.5 lbs


This is the first ever white chocolate made exclusively from Ecuadorian beans. All the ingredients (cocoa beans, milk, cane sugar) are all sourced from local Ecuadorian farms. The flavor of this white chocolate has hints of fresh nuts and vanilla as the cocoa butter is not deodorized.

non-GMO and Kosher certified,

The format is easy-to-melt wafers in 5.5 lb bags



This new brand of chocolates for chefs and confectioners has a great story! The cocoa beans and all the other ingredients are from Latin America – and the manufacturing is also in Ecuador…one of the only chocolates which is made at the source! This company was recently introduced to technical assistance from the Valrhona team so the quality has improved dramatically. They use the legendary “nacional fino del aroma”  and the “Cacao Arriba” cacao beans which have been famous for their flavors for generations.

Additional information

Weight 112 oz
Dimensions 16 × 8 × 6 in
Cocoa %

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Ingredients: Cocoa Beans


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