Valrhona – the Rolls Royce of Chocolate

Valrhona: The “Rolls Royce” of Chocolate!

Pastry chefs and chocolate fanatics alike will agree that Valrhona is the “Rolls Royce of chocolate.” Made with impeccably sourced ingredients and time-honored methods of production, Valrhona represents the best in its class.

The name comes from the valley along the Rhone River in France where it the factory is located, but the exquisite flavors that are produced in the Valrhona factory hail from the far corners of the world: Madagascar, Venezuela, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Ghana, and so on… In fact the artisans at Valrhona specialize in preserving what the French call, “terroir” – that essential flavor that reflects the land in which the cocoa beans – chocolate’s raw materials – were grown.

This quality is especially notable in Valrhona’s line of “Grand Cru” chocolates, which are made from single-origin beans. However, remarkable differences in flavors can also be found among all of Valrhona’s products, where excellence is simply non-negotiable.

Taste for yourself this “world of flavor” among the different kinds of Valrhona chocolates.