Meso Cacao Nicaragua “Matagalpa” 70% Dark 22 lbs


This new artisan Chocolate from MESO CACAO is made from cocoa beans from a small farm in Nicaragua. It has a complex flavor and has no soy lecithin or vanilla extract. This chocolate comes in quarter-sized coins for easy melting.

22 lb bag-in-a-box


This 70% chocolate couverture from Nicaragua is good for all pastry and confectionery applications.

This small farm in Matagalpa is owned by Henry Haslam. He brought it back to life after the exit of the Sandinistas. Henry has nursed these indigenous cacao trees back to health so that they produce a chocolate with the aroma of young wine and a fruity/cherry flavor.

Meso Cacao is proud to purchase these extraordinary cocoa beans and pays this farmer 40% over the local market price.

Ingredients:  63% cocoa nibs, 7% additional cocoa butter, 30% sugar (no soy or vanilla)

Additional information

Weight 384 oz
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 12 in
Cocoa %

Additional ingredients

No additional ingredients! No soy lecithin, no vanilla!

Ingredients: Sugar (%)


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