Meso Cacao Kiche Guatemala 69% Dark Chocolate 22lbs


This is a 69% dark chocolate couverture made with cocoa beans from Guatemala. It has a complex flavor with a lively citric tang followed by rich, almost buttery, cocoa flavor.

The product comes in wafer form for easy melting and weighing. It is made with NO soy lecithin and No vanilla extract. It is a good all-purpose chocolate.

22 lbs

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MesaCacao is a new fine chocolate which specializes in Central American cacao and has direct trade relationships with the cocoa farmers.

Mesacacao demonstrates their support of the farmers by listing their pricing paid to the farmers.

This chocolate is named after K’iche’ –  a Mayan language spoken by more than one million people in the highlands and piedmont of Guatemala. A country the size of the state of Tennessee, Guatemala boasts an amazing cultural and linguistic diversity with twenty-three Mayan languages.

Cacao beans are sourced from a farm in the cloud forest community of Laj Chimel owned by 12Tree, a company focused on sustainable agriculture and agroforestry projects that create positive and measurable social and environmental impact.

Additional information

Weight 384 oz
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 12 in
Cocoa %

Ingredients: Milk Powder (%)

Soy Lecithin



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