Mesocacao El Salvador 81% Dark Chocolate 22 lbs


This 81% dark is made from cocoa beans from El Salvador. It has an intense aroma, nutty cocoa flavor with notes of black tea and berries.

This extra dark can be used in all bakery, pastry and confectionery applications.

(Does not contain soy lecithin.)

22 lb bag of easy melt/easy weigh wafers

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Mesocacao currently sources different variations of the Trinitario cacao, each with its own distinct flavor profile which is provided by the unique genetics and terroir of individual farms.  They source the best heirloom varietal beans directly from farmers and pay them a fair price.

They do not use any soy lecithin in their chocolates.


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Weight 384 oz
Dimensions 20 × 7 × 5 in


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