Meso Cacao Panama Red 70% Reduced Sugar Dark Chocolate 22lbs



Panama Red is a 70% dark chocolate couverture made with cocoa beans from Panama. This chocolate uses chicory root fiber – a healthy probiotic – and only 14% sugar.  (4 grams of sugar in a 1 oz (28 gram) serving)

It has hints of molasses and a deep red cocoa color.

The product comes in wafer form for easy melting and weighing. It is made with NO soy lecithin and No vanilla extract.

22 lbs


MesaCacao is a new fine chocolate which specializes in Central American cacao and has direct trade relationships with the cocoa farmers.

Mesacacao demonstrates their support of the farmers by listing their pricing paid to the farmers.

Additional information

Weight 384 oz
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 12 in
Cocoa %

Ingredients: Milk Powder (%)

Soy Lecithin



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