Callebaut Chocolate

Callebaut Chocolate which is manufactured in Belgium is one of the most popular chocolates for professional and home chefs all over the world. It has become the standard against which all other cooking chocolates are judged. Each recipe is unique and is the result of Callebaut’s exclusive guarantee of constant quality and taste.

These couvertures are available in 5 kg (11 lbs) blocks or in small pieces called “callets” (similar to chocolate chips). The callets are packed in 10kg/22 lb bags and new packaging has some available in bags of 2.5/5.5 lb bags.

Callebaut has a variety of liquidities indicated 0n the package with “drops” of chocolate: 3 drops is the thinnest and 1 drop is the thickest. So you can easily find the perfect chocolate for your application.