Meso Cacao

Lake Yojoa is a beautiful place in Honduras where some great coffee is grown also.

Tasting notes:   the taste develops slowly–bright fruitiness with a hint of acidity on the tongue. Then the fruitiness becomes quite intense and stays right in the middle of your mouth, a little forward on the tongue. As the flavor develops, the aromatic in the throat is sweet-sour and lingers.
Sweetness settles in your cheeks and stays there–the chocolate tastes very sweet for a 70%. There is no bitterness, and the acidity is up front only; there’s none in the finish.

Meso Cacao Honduras 70% Dark Chocolate

This is a 70% dark chocolate couverture made with cocoa beans from Honduras. It has a complex flavor with notes of Dark fruits, and a hint of spice.
The product comes in wafer form for easy melting and weighing. It is made with NO soy lecithin and No vanilla extract.
11 lbs