Valrhona Strawberry Inspiration 3 kg feves


Another innovation from Valrhona!

This is another of the new gourmet creations using cocoa butter as the base.

This “chocolate” is just strawberries (dried), cocoa butter and sugar! (and a little NGMO soy lecithin)
You can use it as you do any other chocolate – tempering for bars or bon-bons, mousse and ganache!
The strawberry flavor is exceptional!


3kg feves (6.6 lbs)

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Freeze-dried strawberry powder gives STRAWBERRY INSPIRATION the highly concentrated, vibrant flavor and color that shines through in every application.
The Valrhona INSPIRATION Range allows you to unleash your creativity, offering an innovative way to work with fruit and nuts just like you would use any other chocolate couverture.
Valrhona’s STRAWBERRY INSPIRATION offers you a bright and colorful couverture with the intense taste of strawberries and no dairy, artificial flavors, or coloring, for intense natural strawberry flavor year-round.

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Weight 121 oz
Dimensions 16 × 8 × 5 in
Cocoa Butter



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