Meso Cacao Nibs 33 lbs bulk

These cacao nibs are from a small cocoa plantation in Honduras. Meso Cacao is one of the new chocolate manufacturers which is considered “direct trade” where the cocoa farmers are paid more than the asking price and the producers work closely with the farmers.

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Meso cacao Cacao Nibs 5.5 lbs (repack item)

These flavorful cacao beans are from Honduras where the owners of Meso Cacao Chocolates pay the farmers above market pricing to ensure a sustainable community.

These nibs can be used in smoothies, in cookies as garnish or eaten alone (for those really into the health benefits of chocolate!)

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Mesocacao El Salvador 80% Dark Chocolate 22 lbs


Mesocacao has a team of experts which is committed to providing high quality, single origin couverture and cacao products to artisan chocolate makers and chocolatiers. We source the best heirloom varietal beans directly from farmers, oversee the highest quality post-harvest fermentation and drying processes, and utilize our own high precision equipment to create fine and distinctive couvertures.

This 80% dark uses beans from El Salvador and  has a mellow well balanced flavor.

This extra dark can be used in all bakery, pastry and confectionery applications.

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Mesocacao El Salvador 70% dark chocolate OUT OF STOCK



This is another new chocolate from Mesocacao. The El Salvador beans are mild and have a well-balanced flavor of fruit and nuts.

Mesocacao practices direct trade and paid the farmers twice the regular world market rate.

This smooth and mellow couverture is a good all purpose chocolate with enough cocoa butter for coating and confectionary items.

It comes in easy melt/weigh wafers in 11 lb bags.

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Meso Cacao Honduras 70% Dark Chocolate 22lbs

MesaCacao is a new fine chocolate which specializes in Central American cacao and has direct trade relationships with the cocoa farmers.

Mesacacao demonstrates their support of the farmers by listing their pricing paid to the farmers.

This is a 70% dark chocolate couverture made with cocoa beans from Honduras. It has a complex flavor with notes of Dark fruits, and a hint of spice.

The product comes in wafer form for easy melting and weighing. It is made with NO soy lecithin and No vanilla extract.

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Meso Cacao

Lake Yojoa is a beautiful place in Honduras where some great coffee is grown also. Tasting notes:   the taste develops slowly–bright fruitiness with a hint of acidity on the tongue. Then the fruitiness becomes quite intense and stays right in the middle of your mouth, a little forward on the … Read More

Meso Cacao Nicaragua 70% Dark 22 lbs

This new artisan Chocolate from MESO CACAO is made from cocoa beans from a small farm in Nicaragua. It has a complex flavor and has no soy lecithin or vanilla extract. This chocolate comes in quarter-sized coins for easy melting.

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